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NEW Boot Studs with protective coating - Carbide Stud .500" (48/pack) - Fishing, Wading and Winter boot traction

Model Number: TLS500B-48
Retail Price:  $54.95
Your Price:  $49.95

Ok guys this is what the striped bass fishing community has been asking for. I've been working with a protective coatings company to make these studs last longer. We have found a solution! The new coating on the boot studs will protect the stud from the harsh coastal fishing salt water environment. We have over 1500 hours in the salt water spray booth and the stud is standing strong. You can have peace of mind knowing ocean salt water is not going eat your studs threads up. The TLS (Track Lug Stud) by Bottomline Traction Products, Inc is a revolutionary design in screw-type traction. The exclusive design of TLS incorporates a threaded shaft and anti-rotation serrations under the head of the stud to hold it in rubber and resist tear outs. This carbide tipped stud easily screws into any rubberized felt sole with a 5/16" socket. When installed, TLS will protrude 3/8" beyond the sole of your boot. TLS are a big hit with coastal fisherman who screw the TLS into the sole of their wading boots. The TLS not only provide excellent traction in under water boulder fields but also penetrate dense weed growth on top of boulders to make rock hopping a breeze. The TLS also offers light weight positive traction in hard pack and icy conditions associated with ice fishing. The screw shank of TLS500-48 is .500"long. For your protection, it is recommended to install TLS500-48 in boot soles that are thicker then 1/2". I have many happy fishing customers...you will be the next!
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